About Principal Principles

Do you feel like you just can't get all the duties of being a principal accomplished each day? Or maybe you're interested in being a principal? I'm here to help.

Being a principal, can be hard but it is a very rewarding journey. The best part of being on this journey is that we have each other. We can reach across the limits of geography and reach out to each other via the amazing opportunity called the internet. When we link ourselves together, there are no limits on what we can accomplish.

I believe...

I believe that friends who feel like family are the best kind of friends.  I believe today is a gift and that every day miracles are scattered about if only I have eyes to see them.  I believe in seeking balance between the hustle and bustle of school leadership and living life large.  Failure isn't a bad thing, but I struggle with mistakes.  I believe in doing the work that I love and inspiring others along the way.  There is nothing greater than a life well loved.

I am an Elementary School Principal with a passion for transforming how we lead schools. If you are reading my posts and following me along this journey, I appreciate it greatly. My goal in life is to wake up each day with a purpose and leave a lasting legacy on this world. How about you?

If you need assistance or ideas this year, reach out and let's work on it together.Your 

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